Making A Chuppa Outside Vs. Inside Exploring the Debate in Halacha and Hashkafa

Our Sages have hotly debated this question, which is extremely interesting. Compiled by Rabbi Avrohom Tsvi Black

From the Front Lines: Dating Disasters

Ah, shidduchim.  For some people, dating is the stuff that fairy tales are made of.  Boy meets girl.   They click instantly, and before you know it, they are walking down to the chupah,  ready to start building their own bayis ne’eman b’yisroel.

Love Tales from the Midrash | By Rabbi Dov Greenberg

when we love our spouse unconditionally, our lives are blessed. When we love selflessly, that is when the miracles begin to flow into our relationships. This is the great paradox at the heart of emotional life. When we worry only about ourselves, when we constantly think about how to make ourselves happier, we guarantee that our deepest needs will go unmet. But when we learn to give our love away unconditionally, we discover fulfillment and happiness.

Ten Tips For Newly Engaged Couples

When we're dating, we usually have our guard up. We make sure to look our best, and are careful with what we say and do. Once engaged, many couples will let their guard down. That's it, we're engaged, "it's over!" It's not over — it's actually just getting started. It's even more important to look and and act your best; now it really matters.

Shidduchim: Then And Now

The phone rang. Rochel checked the caller ID. It was the shadchan. Maybe this time…


“Hello, Rochel. This is Sima. How are you?

“Hi Sima. What’s doing?”

“Baruch Hashem. I called to tell you that I know a very nice girl for Zevy.”

The Wedding Dresser

Each kallah is considered to be a queen on her wedding day, and there is nothing queen-like than having a personal dresser in attendance. While it might sound like the stuff of fantasies, and even a throwback to a different age, the concept of the wedding dresser is becoming increasingly popular as kallot strive to ensure they look their absolute best throughout their wedding day.

The Shidduch Crisis-With a Twist

It is crucial to give shidduchim enough time to develop and I have seen too many break up at the very early stages for all the wrong reasons.

Clueless in the Kitchen

Merging two lives into one is complicated for a whole host of reasons. There’s different schedules, different habits, and of course different food likes and dislikes.

Moving to Lakewood

Choosing where to live after marriage is not easy. Jobs, finances, and family all play a part in deciding where to settle down. With property prices soaring in the New York area, couples and young families are taking the plunge by venturing further afield in their hunt for a comfortable life for their growing families.